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We sell Chinese Buddhist art but also Buddhist art from Japan, Thailand, Burma, Tibet, Nepal, Cambodia, India and Laos. A few months every year we travel to all these countries to find and collect Buddhist art. Because of our travels in Asia we have created a big network of Buddhist art collectors and Buddhist art dealers and know many monasteries and temples that want to part with their Buddhist art. We buy our Buddhist art from monasteries, temples and Buddhists all around Asia.


Our Buddhist art gallery is based in Holland, but thru our website we sell worldwide to Buddhist art dealers and collectors. In our Buddhist art gallery we sellantique Buddha statuesBuddha images, temples and other antique Buddhist art.

Buddhist art history

We also provide information about the history of Buddhist art. Visit our website for history of Buddhist mudra's, different styles of Buddha statues and explanation about Buddhist art. If you decide to buy Buddhist art from us, we will provide a certificate with detailed information.

Buddhist art gallery          Antique Buddha statues in Burma - Buddhist art

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