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Buddhist arts like Buddha statues and Buddha images are eternal part of Buddhism. Generally, Buddhist arts are not taken as objects of worship or religious importance, but they are more of symbolic representation of Buddha's teachings and practices. In Buddhism, these artifacts basically symbolize as well as signify peace, compassion, generosity, fortune and contemplation for the followers of Buddhism.

We are proud to have the biggest and largest collection of rare and antique Buddhist art from Asian countries. The Buddhist art we sell are originated from Burma and other Southeast Asian countries. Also, we sell Buddhist Art from China, Japan, Tibet, Nepal and India as well. Having a rich history and culture with beautiful and peculiar artistic styles of Buddhist art from these countries, these antique and rare artifacts are sought after by many collectors and religious personalities all over the world. We travel few months every year to research and collect these Buddhist art in these regions as they are the focal point of Buddhism in the modern world. We collect many antiques and rare Buddhist art from our research and import them directly to our gallery in the Netherlands.

Our frequent visits to the above mentioned countries have helped us develop a very good relationship and helped us create a huge network of Buddhist Art dealers and collectors. From them, we come to know how many Buddhist monasteries and Buddhist temples want to part with their Buddhist art. We buy our Buddhist art from these monasteries and temples and import them to our gallery. This way, we are pleased to assure you that the Buddhist art in our gallery are genuinely authentic. We do not deal with illegal and stolen antique Buddhist art. We have made this policy strictly to discourage the theft of these beautiful, rare and antique artifacts. Hence, no questions and queries regarding the authenticity remain when you purchase Buddhist art from us.

Based in the Netherlands, we sell the rare and antique Buddhist art in our Gallery through our website all over the world to the Buddhist art dealers and collectors. We have various items like antique Buddha statues, Buddha Images, miniature shrines for homes, miniature temples and other Buddhist art through our website.

Buddhist art history

The Buddhist art like Buddha statues and Buddha images have different styles, different postures and they date back to many periods of time in the history of the Asian region. Each of the styles have their own hidden story and history. The styles of the Buddhist art may vary as per the region of origin. You can get the information on these styles and history; we will provide you the details and the story behind the styles of Buddha statues when you visit our website and gallery.

Also, as Buddhist art is an eternal part of Buddhism, we also provide you information about Buddha and Buddhist art.

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